Mária Švarbová is an amaaaaazing artist from Slovakia. Her photography is so pastel-y and moving and ethereal! When I discovered this talented woman’s work on Instagram’s Explore page, my first impression was that hers reminded me of a stripped-down Wes Anderson aesthetic. But Mária belongs in a field all by herself, come on guys – look at this. I haven’t been excited about a photographer like this since Vincent Leroux.

Mária Švarbová-0

Yes, art has been part of my life since childhood but photography became the medium which I used to epxress my inner self very unexpectedly. It has happened as most of the important things in your life do … unexpectedly.

This Guardian post talks about her inspiration for the Swimming Pool series. Maria, who aims for purity and minimalism in her work, has been doing photography for just six years and has gotten tons of recognition and awards with many galleries exhibiting her work.

It was so hard picking the photographs I wanted in this post, I’m that into her work. But here are the ones that made it. These are individual photos but you should definitely go to her website and check out the different series – I like that each one has a narrative, a story unfolding.Mária Švarbová-7 Mária Švarbová-10Mária Švarbová-8Mária Švarbová-9 Mária Švarbová-12 Mária Švarbová-1 Mária Švarbová-16 Mária Švarbová-11 Mária Švarbová-15 Mária Švarbová-4 Mária Švarbová-14 Mária Švarbová-3 Mária Švarbová-2 Mária Švarbová-5 Mária Švarbová-6 Mária Švarbová-17 Mária Švarbová-13

That’s all, folks!

(All photos are from Maria’s website linked above.)

You can follow her on Instagram.


Written by Nik-Nak