No, she is.. Not literally. But literally. Okay, I’ll quit being confusing. But guys, Lina Viktor paints with 24-karat gold. Whutt?

Let’s start from the beginning.. Lina Viktor is a conceptual/fine artist. She “creates her own mythology as a painter, sculptor, photographer, and performance artist.” Governed by a purist colour palette of gold, blue, black and white, I also find her use of geometric shapes in repeated patterns fascinating. You won’t be in doubt of which is the Lina Viktor painting in the room.

Viktor’s work is an interesting juxtaposition between medieval regality and contemporary pop culture.

I’m going to need you to read her interview with Daily Beast on how she started painting with gold and what her attraction to the medium is. According to her: “I think humanity as a whole has always been obsessed with gold” and “There’s an emotional reaction when people see real gold”. But, as usual, I am fascinated by the documentation of herself via photography that she started in 2013.

Viktor seeks to share her vision through the lens of the camera. By being visible and present in said documentation she allows the viewer to become a veritable “voyeur”, encouraging her viewer to see with her eye – to see it as she wishes it to be seen. She asks you to look at the painting until you see it.

There is often a certain abstraction – an otherworldliness to her photographed work which moves between reality and fiction, the concrete and the geometric.

Viktor approaches her photographs with a compulsive perfection, and with a very succinct vision.

I find Lina and her work enthralling (the blue and gold combination is.. well, gold) – especially the photographs below:

LinaViktor13 LinaViktor12
LinaViktor10 LinaViktor9 LinaViktor8 LinaViktor7 LinaViktor6 LinaViktor5 LinaViktor4 LinaViktor3 LinaViktor2 LinaViktor1

(All photos are from Lina’s website.)


Written by Nik-Nak