So, you might not believe me, but three short films done by a clothing brand to advertise clothes altered my life a little. There. It might sound preposterous but that’s because you haven’t seen them. I promise.

I’m about to fix that.

Free People is a brand for Women’s Boho/Bohemian clothing but whoever whispered to someone about doing three short films featuring the gorgeous Sheila Marquez and (lick-your-screen-here) Chris Abbott is a genius. Give her/him a medal! Roshambo was done by The Mill and Starworks Group based on the old game of Roshambo (which is basically Rock-Paper-Scissors).




It’s everything about these films, and I think they perfectly represent the energy of the brand. The cinematography, the clothes!, the scenes, the dreamy actors: their potent chemistry, all the intensity packed in a few minutes. It kindled my interest in making videos and I wanted to be ‘free’, y’know? Just go outside and fall in love with¬†some handsome guy on the street. Let go, live a little more.


Whether you’re a romantic or not, you’ll like something about these films. Let’s roshambo for it?

Watch the videos here:


Written by Nik-Nak