Lawrence Agyei is a Ghanaian photographer living in Chicago. Lawrence majorly shoots portraits and street photography, he says the possibilities are endless when it comes to the range of human emotions waiting to be captured. And this was exactly what led me to his photography; I’d been seeing his name attached to several gorgeous photographs on Instagram. And then a friend directed me to his page, and boom.

My work is all about telling a story. With every portrait that, if taken, there’s a story behind it. The nature of photography is to magnify life. It’s made of life and beauty. I discover beauty in every portrait that I carry. Beauty is the conformation of meaning in life.

In this conversation with AADAT Art, he says: “When I create, I always want my viewers to see parts of me that I can’t voice in my everyday conversations. Which in turn makes me feel like they can relate to me, so I feel like I’m communicating with my viewers without dialogue.”

So please, enjoy this conversation:

Lawrence Agyei 08 Lawrence Agyei 03 Lawrence Agyei 18Lawrence Agyei 11Lawrence Agyei 05 Lawrence Agyei 14Lawrence Agyei 09 Lawrence Agyei 16 Lawrence Agyei 04 Lawrence Agyei 06Lawrence Agyei 07 Lawrence Agyei 01Lawrence Agyei 10Lawrence Agyei 13Lawrence Agyei 12

Before I sign out on these good notes, remember to follow Lawrence on Instagram, VSCO Grid and his Tumblr!

Lawrence Agyei 17Lawrence Agyei 15

(All photos from his Tumblr linked above.)


Written by Nik-Nak