Laura Breiling is the excellent illustrator from Germany that I am currently fixating on. (And have been for the past few months, really.) She’s another illustrator that Instagram sent my way. Laura studied Graphic Design in Mayence, Germany after which she started work as a freelance-illustrator.

Laura’s work is bold and textured and usually has meaning lurking between those patterns and colours. This visual narrative is taken further and further with the experimentation she does from coloured to black and white.

…Laura’s confidence and consistence in her heavy jewel colours and printed textures command a kind of awe.

Laura has a long list of clients from Bloomberg Businessweek to Cicero to Pitchfork to Reader’s Digest. I can definitely see the appeal! The power of images is once again emphasized with Breiling’s work. Her work covers themes of politics, feminism, other gender-related topics among others. “Illustration is my kind of expression, so it’s obvious for me to make these topics a subject of discussion, because it’s my job to do so.” – Have a look at the Guardian feature of her work.


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You can buy Laura’s work here, and then follow her on Tumblr and Instagram.


Written by Nik-Nak