He doesn’t know it, but I went to the same High School with Lakin Ogunbanwo. He’s one of my claims to fame. When I hear someone new fawning over his photography, I go “Yeah, we totally did High School together. I definitely know his sisters.”

But really, he’s one of those photographers that makes you curious. Who’s behind this? His portraits and fashion editorials are haunting and provocative and genius. With several exhibitions here and there, you can tell the world is paying attention. “His subjects exist defiantly in the frame often masked by shadow, drapery and foliage.”


As long as I’m shooting and creating images, life is pretty much one big high.
Here’s a 2014 interview with BellaNaija.

Lakin has many accolades to his name and a quick search will bring them up, but it is the way his photographs make me feel that trumps everything else. Here are some of my favourites by him, I dare you not to linger:


All photos are from his platforms. Follow Lakin on Instagram and Tumblr, then visit his website to remain updated.


Written by Nik-Nak