I love coffee shops, cafes, coffee bars – whatever they’re called. Either cosy or airy or minimalist or futuristic, I’m always looking to see all the quirky details the designers infuse – one of the reasons I really enjoyed taking photos of Art Cafe the other time. So of course I had to do a post sharing my favourite coffee shop designs. Please enjoy!

The Wellington looks so warm and homely. I’d definitely buy one cup of coffee and just sit there for hours.

Evoke+Pictures_Architectual+Photography_Bath+Ales_-045 Evoke+Pictures_Architectual+Photography_Bath+Ales_-054

This coffee shop used to be an alleyway!

Happy-Bones-coffee-shop-back-area Happy-Bones-coffee-shop-custom-counter

This steampunk coffee universe in Cape Town is a lot for me, but look at the details..

truth-steampunk-coffee-house-bartruth-coffee-shop-seating truth-coffee-shop-seating-tables

From greenhouse to coffe shop. This is just so rad, I want to own it.


Spicer & Cole is simpler, closer to your traditional coffee shop.


Yes, I want to go have coffee with my girls in click-y stilettos  in this Parisian number.

Restaurant "1 Place Vendome", Hotel de Vendome, Paris May 2009

Origo coffee shop is so cool. The wood, the lights!

origo origo2 origocoffeeshop1753

I dig everything Wes-Anderson-esque.  Therefore, I dig this.


Another one from Paris. Looks so airy!

copyright david foessel

The Field’s gorgeous gorgeous space!


Shout out to Cafe Neo’s branches in Lagos.

Cafe Neo 2 Cafe Neopic3

And my beloved Jazzhole at Ikoyi.

And that’s it. Exhaustive, I know. But I really love these spaces.

What coffee shops do you go to for the ambiance and design? Share with me!


Written by Nik-Nak