Indego Africa is a worthy cause. They are:

an innovative nonprofit social enterprise & lifestyle brand that supports women in Rwanda through economic empowerment and education. Our mission is to break intergenerational cycles of poverty by providing female artisans with the tools and support to reclaim their own futures, flourish as independent businesswomen, and drive development in their communities.

Now, isn’t that a worthwhile project? But long before I was drawn to the idea behind this project, what caught my eye was the beautiful handcrafted products made by the artisans in their program. From minimalist jewelry to clothing to interior knick knack for your homes, their wares look beautifully made – I want to buy everything!

It’s an all-win situation, really. The team works closely with artisan women groups, provides job training skills, then sells the products on their e-commerce site – proceeds of which go back to more education so that these women can operate on their own, if they want.

SpringIA_20159 Metal_Blog1(Recycled tin!)

BananaWeaving2_blog(from banana leaves..)

blogDSC_1054IAPeaceBasketBlogpostindego-africa-artisan-clothing-jewelry4-682x1024indego-africa-artisan-jewelry-1024x682 (1)(jackets and jewelry made by Indego Africa artisans.)HangingBasketBlog_HeaderJcrew_blogimage2Artisans at work.Indego-Africa-10Ife0lKk56QxHMP_Metalworking_blogBrightwovensblog_3

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(All photos taken from their site inked above and  Zoesfashionfeed . )


Written by Nik-Nak