tumblr_n74fenFXCA1qcykloo1_1280 Anyone who follows me on any Social Media network (or knows me at all) knows how my love for ‘Teff, the Don’ titters dangerously on the edge of obsession. Teff, Stephanie Nnamani, The Expressionist. Fashion blogger, Stylist, Photographer. She’s vibrant, she’s edgy, she has The Eye, she’s brilliant and Nigerian! I will take a deep breath, soon.

People have lauded her photography; others have waxed lyrical about her style.. what I want you to see are her self-portraits. Self-portraits have begun to fascinate me recently (the million deleted photos from my camera would have been proof) and Teff is someone who does them differently. Her colours are bold, the images are so striking that I can not scroll quickly past one. And that jawline, guys!

In this interview, she said this about her self-portraits:

Photography appealed to me at a time where I allowed my responsibilities exceed the idea that I could control them. Photography served as an entity I could easily seize and control and derive joy and contentment doing so. 
It serves as a release, too. If I’m particularly stressed, I’ll orchestrate a self-shoot and before I know it, I’m elated and light and anew. I even use it as a form of celebration. Art is the only sure thing. For me. And, Love, of course.

Enough chatting, here she is – in all her self-captured glory:

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It was so hard to pick my favourites of her self-portraits, but you can follow Teff on Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr and Blogspot and indulge.

(All photos are from Teff’s Tumblr, linked above.)


Written by Nik-Nak