I discovered the enchanting work of Francois Beaurain at the Lagos Photo Festival (that’s closing today – run down to Eko Hotel, if you can, it’s worth every minute of traffic!) In the midst of the gorgeous stills, Beaurain’s gifs flitted across small screens and drew me to them.

It was the Monrovia Animated exhibition I met but I have discovered the breath of his work – from sculpture to drawings to photography – since then. However, it is the gifs of this self-taught, France-born, Morocco-living artist that have me hooked!

See:043-800-fb 057-800-fb 069-800-fb joana-500-fb keziah-1-500-fb 09-800-fb 109-800-fb027-800-fb 110-800-fb086-800-fb077-800-fb076-800-fb080-800-fb098-800-fb102-800-fb

..and signing out with this one!oth-500-fb

(Follow Francois on Instagram. All photos/gifs are from his website.)


P.S. The store is up and running now!

Written by Nik-Nak