It can be a bit frustrating when shopping for home accessories and it seems like every interior decor store you visit is an exact replica of the last one – do they all shop in the same place? Even worse, when you can’t find anything you like. The great news is you can personalize some of these accessories that you’ve made yourself (or let’s be honest, have someone made for you). Like furniture that you can have your neighbourhood carpenter make for you. The floor lamp is also another feature you can DIY or put your own spin on, giving your home a one-of-a-kind feel and look.

I’ve put together a few photos to get your imagination going…


These ones are a tad out there and are probably not to everyone’s taste, but they are very DIY-friendly – will require very minimal drilling. They remind me of the old guava tree in my grandmother’s house I spent my childhood trying (but embarrassingly failing) to climb. I love how outdoorsy and quirky they look. Sure to be a conversation starter, plus you can be rest assured that your lamp stand is one-of-a-kind (how identical can two fallen tree branches be, really?)

Via Unconsumption



Via Remodelista


Until a few years ago, I didn’t realize there was such a thing as electric lanterns. They bring such a rustic charm, it’ll be quite a lovely look to bring into the home – by way of a lamp stand. Amazon has quite a collection (if you can’t find them anywhere else). Don’t want to use lanterns? Unpolished wood is many shades of rustic too!

Via Anthropologie

Via Homestead Lamps



The tripod can be such a fun addition to your living space. The stand can be anything from a photographers tripod, to a music tripod, to a telescope tripod, to three sticks tied together with a string. Have as much fun with it as you like – contemporary or antique. Make your lampshade quirky or simple; your choice. You can altogether forego the lampshade and leave your bulb exposed.


Via Zuiver

Via Tuteate

Via Door DIY


It’s great how even with wood, you can make some modern designs – simple or complex – for your lamp stand. That HB pencil design is the bee’s knees. I would pay a pretty penny for that one.  

Via VMY Design

Via Diy-Pt

Via Remove and Replace



Maybe all the DIY you can manage is a long cord, nails and a small few pieces of wood, that’s more than enough for these wall lamps. It’s not a stand, but it’s not the lone bulb attached to the ceiling either. You can also substitute wood for metal if you can handle it. Drill a hole or two, and loop your cord through…voila!

 Via Nya Interieur Ontwer

Via That Nordic Feeling (includes tutorial)

Via Mochatini

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Remember that time we visited the Homestores? We were quite impressed with their collection of handmade lamps – everything from empty wine and liqueur bottles to rustic, unpolished wood. You should definitely check them out if you’re in the market for lamp/light shades (and other home accessories).


Written by Nik-Nak