Here’s a second installment of photos from photographer, Logor, at the ongoing Felabration 2016. (Catch up here, if you missed the first set of images.)

We can’t express enough how much Logor’s images feel like a true representation of the vibe of Felabration. So if you can’t make it to The New Afrika Shrine (where these images were taken) Logor’s making sure you’re missing too much.

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img_0964img_0955img_1502 img_1200img_0931 img_0828 img_0817 img_0664 img_0532 img_0546 img_0564 img_0581 img_0646 img_0495img_1350 img_0423 img_0379 img_0342 img_0335 img_0308 img_0262 img_0311 img_0333 img_0324

Written by Nik-Nak