We’re so pleased to be sharing photographs from Felabration 2016 through the eyes of Logor, a photographer whose work we adore here. [Read more about his work here and the photobook spoken about here has been nominated for a Fourthwall Books Photobook Award.]

Felabration, the thematic yearly music festival conceived in 1998 in memory of the legendary Fela Kuti, has come to be known for its vibrant performances and colourful expressions – of performers and audience alike – and it is this essence Logor, otherwise known for his monochrome images of Lagos, captured in these images. Whether it is the images in black & white, sepia, or the manipulation of his lens to produce an almost hazy flare, Logor has without question reproduced the energy of Felabration – we almost feel like we can ‘catch the spirit’ in the atmosphere just from looking at the photos.

Enjoy, and come back later for more photos from Felabration!

img_0011 img_0021 img_0053 img_9630 img_9644 img_9703 img_9744 img_9785 img_9792 img_9837bw img_9845 img_9862 img_9945 img_9948 img_9961 img_9962 img_9986 img_9992

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‘P + Kov.

Written by Nik-Nak