I really love it when a brand puts some thought into product packaging. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m one of those who can be persuaded to buy a product simply because of the packaging… This is a really short list of some of my favourite product packaging designs. A few of them are concepts only so you won’t be finding them in the store but I figure they could be inspiration for someone who’s looking for ideas. Also, I’m not a fan of unnecessary/useless packaging that may look pretty but will only end up in the trash.

In no particular order…


If your favourite books were tea…

Imagine drinking tea that conjures the same emotions you’d get reading one of your favourite books, that’s the simple concept behind Prologue Tea.

Flora Chan’s own musings got her thinking about tea, and more specifically, what The Great Gatsby might taste like were it reincarnated into an herbal beverage. According to Chan, it’s a green tea—inspired by the symbolic green light that Fitzgerald wrote about—with notes of apple, mint, blackberries, plum, and raspberries. Whereas the zany and unpredictable world of Alice in Wonderland would taste like a (highly caffeinated) maté with mango, lemongrass, pineapple, and coconut.

The packaging for this concept is classic, using graphics from each text to [re]create a book cover design. This concept was created by the designer for a class, so unfortunately for me, I cannot run out right this minute to order a pack of Prologue. If I could, without question, this is the only brand I’d ever drink.

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Tee Hive Soaps is a brand of all natural, handmade soaps. What’s awesome about the packaging is that each one is hand illustrated! So basically, organic packaging for the organic soaps, yeah? I’d buy this brand just so I could make a collage of the hand-illustrated wraps when I collect a few.

I don’t think they deliver to Nigeria (not yet, at least), but you should check out the Instagram page (linked above) – it’s a visual feast.

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I used to eat a lot a pasta. More pasta than I care to admit. These days, I don’t eat as much pasta as I used to, but if I saw this brand at the grocery store, best believe, I’d buy it. If only so I can use cut-outs from the packs for decorative purposes after. It’s so artsy!

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Rewined soy candles are popular for using repurposed empty wine bottles… Their branding and packaging gets my attention every time I see it. Even their website (linked above) is pleasurable to look at. The drawstring bags are probably my favourite thing about the packaging. The whole things looks like a lot of thought and love went into it.

This article shares details of the brand’s design process.

rewined-01rewined_candle_packaging_03 rewined_candle_packaging_04 rewined_candle_packaging_01


Another tea concept design I love, even though it’s supposed to be targeting the male demographic.

Revitalising the masculinity of the Australia tea market – This concept was the foundation establishing the brand The Tea Guild as boutique Tea brand providing an offering to a male demographic, a sector typically neglected within Australia. Drawing from tradition and designing for longevity sees to the creation of this elegant and crafted brand and accompanying packaging system. The set includes custom fabricated tea tins, a Queensland Walnut storage box, stainless steel tea strainer, coasters and information guide. 

I’m particularly drawn in by the intricate details – the seal and etchings on the wooden cover.

tea_guild_2 tea_guild_3 tea_guild_4 tea_guild_5



This post was supposed to list five brands, but I couldn’t pass up on this one.

A girl’s least favorite time of the month can have its perks, especially if those perks involved ice cream that understood how we felt. Paker Jones conceptualised the perfect comfort frozen treat. Pints of ice cream are color coded in pastels and screen printed with mood scale. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but it’ll be a real struggle to not grab a pint if I saw one. This should go in a monthly care package…

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Honorable mention: TWENTYSIX because brown paper packages tied up with strings will never not be cute.


And LE PAIN BOULE HONEY, because, rustic charm.



Do you think about packaging when choosing your favourite products? What are some of your favourite product packaging designs? Do share…


Written by Nik-Nak