There’s something about Kenya, isn’t there? It’s got to be something in the water there that inspires creativity and confident self-expression. I don’t know anyone who has visited Nairobi in recent times who hasn’t expressed their desire to return, maybe even live there full time. I haven’t been but it is way up on my list.

Here’s a really short list of my favourite Kenyan creatives on Instagram. These are the ones whose feeds I stalk almost daily. My imaginary friends and kin, safeguarding my spot in Nairobae.

I’ve followed his work for quite a while now. I think he’s the first Kenyan photographer I followed on Instagram, the one who made me realize that there’s more to Kenya than the safari (of course, there is!), the one who made me start thinking of Nairobi as bae, and from whom I got introduced to other cool cats in the city. I love, love, love his images; portraits and cityscapes.

32! God's been amazing.

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#Nairobae. Yes, please!

And this incredible photo he took of our darling Kitchenbutterfly .

I think I first followed him on Twitter before discovering his Instagram feed. Despite my fear of heights, I somehow imagine myself looking down on the city from rooftops. And he’s always on some roadtrip or the other with gorgeous people, eating beautiful food. Take me, please!

Ohhhh the cityscapes are gorgeous! The heights…

Home is where the heights are. #Nairobae with @asayf #Nightbandits

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I bought a pair of laced shoes from China but I never wear them because I can only Taiwan. #Nairobi

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I love her vibe! There’s something so love & light about her that draws me in. And she gets to travel through Africa. Sigh. Pure bliss.

She takes some really dope photos; of places and of people. Her Instagram feed is one of my happy places.

Good morning! Views 1/3… #nairobi #kenya #iphoneonly #fairviewhotelnairobi

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The basket seller #Hawassa #Ethiopia #skzoom

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Then she put up this photo of Aloe Blacc and won my heart forever… Because he is bae and then some.


Some people constantly have their coolness level on a 10 without even trying, she’s one of them. Achingly cool! Her style game is 100 and then some.

My look is mostly Africa went to Soho, New York fell in love and got married.

Idk, idk, but I don’t think I need more than one reason to go to Nairobi, she’s it! Can you tell I’m in love with her? Not enough words, my friends…

via @2manysiblings feed… #portraits / #light / #nature / #solitude / #classiccars / #colours / #africa by @joelukhovi

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silky florals

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'beautiful souls'. photo by @omphibear #portraits / #self / #creativity / #johannesburg

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a bike thing… #bicycle / #self / #portraits / #anonymous / #johannesburg

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Plus working in an art gallery. See?! Kindred!

And girrlllll, when can I move into your space??

tiny snapshots of a place i call home:). [ my bedroom ] #spaces / #brickwall / #bedrooms / #serenity / #africa

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‘P mentioned her in her Writers on Instagram post so I’m not going to wax lyrical, she’s reason number 5 I’m packing my bags and moving to Kenya. Amen?

Yes, Kenya is great and all, the ‘scapes are epic(!) but more than anything, it’s the people who make me want to visit so bad, and I’ve just shared 5 reasons with you. If you aren’t already familiar with their work, fix up!

Have you been to Kenya? Do you have favourite hangout spots in Nairobi? Favourite people? Share with us, please.


Written by Nik-Nak