Ekin Büyükşahin is an artist from Ankara, based in Instanbul now, and the woman behind the Ekinakis brand. I found about her when my buddy was trying to decide between paintings in her Etsy Store, I went a little gaga afterward: drinking in the long pointed noses and triangular faces that characterize her work. (I am obsessed with the photo below of her while she works.) I know we say this a lot about the art we find and love, but I really would have my apartment littered with these.


Here are some of her gorgeous pieces below, either illustration or water-colour. You can buy those still available from her Etsy Store.

EkinAkis-20 EkinAkis-19 EkinAkis-17EkinAkis-18 EkinAkis-15 EkinAkis-14 EkinAkis-13 EkinAkis-12 EkinAkis-11 EkinAkis-10 EkinAkis-09EkinAkis-07 EkinAkis-06 EkinAkis-05 EkinAkis-03 EkinAkis-04

Stay updated with her work on InstagramFacebook, Twitter and Behance. Don’t forget to visit the Etsy Store!


Written by Nik-Nak