So you’ve been poring through Pinterest or Apartment Therapy, you want your house to look like it skipped out of a magazine. You painted your walls white, you bought white sheets; you even bought a couple of mason jars from Shoprite to line up on your shelf. But you don’t have a shelf, you don’t have any furniture at all. Maybe you DM-d that cool furniture company on Instagram. Their prices near gave you a heart attack. So, you return home every day to your pallet bed and unpacked boxes.

Well, P’s here to the rescue!

Maybe not. But I was looking through Pinterest the other day and I saw some really minimalist wooden furniture that could turn a space around from bare to sophisticated. So, here are some designs you can show to Carpenter Mutiu that works out of the open shed down the street, if you need to furnish your space or are just looking for some new new. Carpenter Mutiu probably charges a tenth of the big guys – you’ll be saving your wallet while patronizing the local small business. These would be hard to botch up, and even if the finish isn’t perfect – that’s not a problem, just get your rustic on!

Disclaimer: The price of wood covers a wide wide range dependent on the type of wood, so you want to see all the options available before deciding.


First thing, make some floating shelves, will ya? A slab of sturdy wood on some nice angle brackets would go such a long way. These are really simple to make. A floating shelf, high or low, or somewhere in between could be put to different uses. See:161ea9991a2b5aba2dc2ce790c7e8231 ff493b8af2416621c2474c60e444f3c2dsc3017

Next, these show what a little colour can do to simple furniture:d531228e0401f61b2cfc2306ed540734 ce59f806910f2acd104e9bf5b211ff5c

And then the gorgeous, yet simple, options one can use for a nice reading desk!61b3a359a3aa6a73ecd1f2d0acee3b89 f6086ff38611b822696ce2efcbdbd34e 8b3cd25521a335d8a1323b600f26869forganic-and-minimalist-solid-wood-furniture-by-mashstudios-2-thumb-630x440-25570
And then I found this easy-going alternate idea for a dining space!interior-kitchen-furniture-chairs-kitchen-minimalist-white-symmetrical-kitchen-darkest-white-and-wood-chair-wood-wooden-with-untreated-slab-benches-kitchen-chair-alight-wood-home-kitchen-furnishing-i-84dining_room_alternate

Or feeling rustic? How about you slap those wooden slats on some metal legs and be deliciously done with it?0f42f669556246859dbdc8b353cea76a 3066704423b43834b682a923f7e27dc2 5caf2c3e50adec8632f4ac5b0fb9488c

There’s so much you can make with minimal stress. If your carpenter feels up to it, how about he try his hands on some tapered legs next?
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If at this point, you’re starting to trust Carpenter Mutiu a bit more, how about taking it to the next level? Let him make some storage furniture for you. These maybe require a bit more time, but look very straightforward. 85907455e4b92168997f811383b0ab4359ed39d8f60eb62669f10c5215fd92fc bf9bfd295a30c3d81be7ab064ee517a2

There’s so much more ‘this and that’ to put around that can be made easily. All you need to do is find a good picture, or design something..1a754beffd3c5fb400cb3c11fb04ff2cMpup-Dog-House-and-Sofa-by-Seungji-Mun

I really hope someone gets inspired to go out and build. Good luck!


Written by Nik-Nak