Another morning at the desk, half awake still trying to forget a weekend exists and  trying to remember where I  left off on yesterday.  I have made a to-do list but its  hidden somewhere in a heap of ‘I can’t be  bothered with these’ files.  I would love to start another list, but pens.. nowhere to be found. And the day ends before it even begins.

You might work from home or an office; either way, office organization is probably top priority. I bet we never really think about how little changes in our work space could make a difference. I am bringing together little organization and decorative ideas you can get done yourself! Depending on what DIY You choose, you may want to have some of the following on your list:

Spray Paint, Shoe box, Mason jar or plastic/ceramic cups, Good sized Tray, Wrapping paper, Office binder clips, Office Pins, Transparent/masking or electric tape and  Twine.

At the end of this post we even made an easy organizer board with just five items.

Lets do this!


This not only the most boring bit of this post it also reminds me of an embarrassing wire-trip story that”ll save for some other time.


We can avoid this horror story by de-cluttering cables and chords. I promise, this will save you ten minutes of playing the fun game of ‘which goes where?’

You can:






..and if you are feeling a bit like Picasso, you can show them off!


(side note: there should be a whole post about wire art, ingenious!)



This can be created with only a shoe box and a cutter. Jazz up the shoe box by spraying it or covering with a wrapping paper! OR simply use a facial box tissue as the top is already precut, it mimics the real deal from IKEA Pictured below.



Ditch the conventional storage and have fun with mason jars, plastic cups, trays, baskets and shoe boxes.


A Transparent plastic cup, ceramic mug  would also work here


Shoe Box and toilet paper dispenser (can this be a pointer that everything isn’t useless)

Take a plain old basket to store your books in , if it’s too boring remember there’s nothing spray paint or wrapping paper wouldn’t fix. Just cover it up.



The organizer wall. Ideas and lists to see and get to easily can go up on your wall with simple things like;

The ‘ post-it’ Note


Post it calendar created with Washi tape and post-it notes. Masking or electrical tape would also do.

if you struggle to get your notes sticking on those triple coated walls like me, simply tape a string on both ends and peg your notes up .


The Bulletin Board

# 1


Hanging Clipboard Bulletin. Hook or nail to the wall would let you hang those clipboards conveniently



Re-purposed Yoga Mat Bulletin Board. Installed by nailing it to the wall.


DIY-Des 12 (1)

Make your own pin, stick-on and string bulletin board.

Estimated time to make:  15 minutes,

Estimated cost: Less than N1000 (if you live in Nigeria).

You would need: Cardboard, scissors, wrapping paper, twine, glue or tape and your hands.


DIY-Des 1

Take a good sized cardboard piece cut in square or rectangle, place it over a wrapping paper of your choice. Leaving a generous amount of the paper on all the sides of the cardboard, cut away the excess paper.


DIY-Des 5

Tuck in the cardboard, ensuring there is excess wrapping paper for good coverage.


DIY-Des 4

DIY-Des 2 (1)

Fold the paper – top and bottom inwards while the left and right edges are folded at angle before bending it inwards. This will give a tapered look at the corners of your board.


DIY-Des 8

DIY-Des 9

Secure the folds with either taping it or glueing it down. If you like a bit of extra decorating, go ahead with a gold pin or anything you think would add any extra look to your bulletin board. If you want more than just sticky notes and pins on your board, take the next step.


DIY-Des 10

Take a twine tightly around the board, don’t forget to tie it first before taking it round your board till you reach a satisfactory point. snip off the excess and also tie the loose end to string already wrapped around the board. I would recommend doing this behind the board so that bit is out of sight.

DIY-Des 11

If the twine is tight enough, don’t worry about cards falling out, they would stay up!

Let me know how yours turns out!


Written by Nik-Nak