On my Tumblr runs, I come across so much gorgeous digital art! (graphic art? illustrations?) I’m never quite sure what blends into what (I’m open to education in the comments..) Whichever way, a compilation of the coolest ‘digi-art’ (please tell me I coined this?) I’ve seen recently. So, enjoy!

1. Fuji2apple (Really. That’s all this person goes by.. and I hunted!)

This post was inspired by one of these photos that I kept going back to on Tumblr. You Really should check the page out.

Fuji9Fuji7 Fuji6 Fuji5 Fuji4 Fuji3Fuji1


2. Malika Favre

I discovered Malika’s art a few years ago. I guess it’s the French thing that leaped out at me. I love what she does with stripes.

Malika6 Malika5 Malika4 Malika3 Malika2 Malika1Malika9Malika10


3. Karabo Poppy Moletsane

Love these! For some reason, I’m reminded of Ngugi’s Wizard of the Crow. This South African illustrator knows her business.

Poppy5Taxi facePopp6 kenny Hair dresser face Print Poppy7


4. David Cowles

David Cowles does some pretty cool illustrations of celebrities among other things. Can you tell who is who?

David8 David7 David6 David5 David4David10


Phew! Photo-heavy, yes? But I really hope you liked something.. New wallpaper, maybe?

Make sure you check out the works of the artists. All photos are from their pages linked above.


Written by Nik-Nak