We spent a week in Cotonou, Benin Republic in December. It was not wild, it was a nice lulling ride on a sunny day.

Between conversing with our hosts via Google Translate and eating potatoes everyday, it was nice to finally explore this tiny town that borders Lagos.

We stayed at Fidjrosse in Cotonou, right next to the beach and took kekes (what they call their motorcycles) to get around. With dramatic hand gestures and butchered words, we were lucky not to get lost. You should know that my few weeks of studying French on Duolingo went poof when I was confronted with the first complex sentence.

Here are some of the photos from our trip. (Hashtag: Photo overload.)Cotonou_NikNak14Postcards from Cotonou!Cotonou_NikNakI couldn’t look away from this pink wall. It somehow managed to be the prettiest thing on this street despite its state.Cotonou_NikNak2Cotonou_NikNak4Cotonou_NikNak37Cotonou_NikNak11 Restaurant at the Artisanal Centre. (There were pickles and potatoes in our shawarma. Pickles!)Cotonou_NikNak12Cotonou_NikNak15Cotonou_NikNak8They do love their motorcycles here. Everyone owns one. Nifty.Cotonou_NikNak40Cotonou_NikNak16 Cotonou_NikNak17Here I am posing with a tree in front of a beautiful Post Office.Cotonou_NikNak20Kov, a scarf and the sunset.
Cotonou_NikNak22Crepes and cocktails at this nice roadside bar beside the airport.Cotonou_NikNak23Cotonou_NikNak24Cotonou_NikNak39Cotonou_NikNak25The entrance to the home of a beautiful stranger* who helped us and fed us.Cotonou_NikNak10I liked this cute little corner at the corner of a gallery we visited.Cotonou_NikNak26Fuel is sold in these funky bottles by the roadside. Yes, we found it odd too…

Cotonou_NikNak31Cotonou_NikNak28Bab’s Dock! Our favourite spot; complete with my dream house!Cotonou_NikNak36Cotonou_NikNak29Cotonou_NikNak30Cotonou_NikNak32Cotonou_NikNak35Cotonou_NikNak34Cotonou_NikNak33There’s my dream house, mama!Cotonou_NikNak38Cotonou_NikNak27

I’m going to sign out of this photo-heavy post with even more photos:

Cotonou_NikNak5Cotonou_NikNak6The cliche poses against a brightly coloured wall…

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetand the cheesiest photo you’ll ever find of me and Kov.

Happy New Year, people!


Written by Nik-Nak