It was while doing research for the Lagos Home Show that I discovered – and fell for – cmDesign-Atelier.

They are a young architecture team involved in projects of different sizes in Lagos. The Maryland Mall is one of their bigger ongoing projects and I was pleased to find out it’s an ingenuously designed mall.

What really draws me to their work – as with pretty much everything in life – are the details. Those little things that are so easily passed over are paid close attention to by this team.

This is an insightful interview with Tosin Oshinowo for cmDesign where she talks about their style, the future of architecture in Lagos and what thing, if any, being a woman has infused into their architecture.

Here are some of the projects on their website that I particularly love.

First, these beach houses at Ilashe and Kamp Ikaare. Let your eyes glide over the clean lines, the details, the beauty of it all.

cmDesign 4 cmDesign 3 cmDesign 1cmDesign 3cmDesign 6cmDesign 12cmDesign 9cmDesign 5cmDesign 25
I should mention also, that the photographer(s) did such a good  job in capturing the essence of these spaces. I particularly love the photography done of Sip Lounge.

cmDesign 15 cmDesign 22 cmDesign 11

If you’ve entered any of these Cafe Neo spaces, you maybe understand why I love the interior design so. From the use of wood to the colouring and lighting, I always just want to curl up on a couch forever.

cmDesign 16 cmDesign 13cmDesign 23cmDesign 8

They are responsible for this unique hair salon too! The details, guys! The details..

cmDesign 20 cmDesign 21

If my appreciation for their work doesn’t shine through by now, then you can’t take a hint. If it’s building, interior design or some urban project you’re working on next, you know who to call.

(All photos are taken from their website linked above.)


Written by Nik-Nak