I’ve always been intingued by line drawings – drawings made using narrow lines, without blocks of shading. A technique Pablo Picasso became well known for, the simplicity of the style continues to captivate many even today. I’m obsessed with the minimalist quality of many line drawings and am constantly on the look out for artists who have mastered this form.

My current obsession has to be Christiane Spangsberg. Guys, I’m not ashamed to admit that I constantly stalk her on Instagram. The Danish artist is inspired by originality and imperfection. Originally from Veils in Jutland, she currently resides in Copenhagen. Inspired by drawings of animals made by Picasso, she has practiced the one-line technique.

In an interview with Ligne Studio, when asked about her art and she message she hopes to convey, she says,

I actually rarely think about the purpose of my work, what it means and which message I am trying to communicate… I believe art to be a form of language… Minimalism, complexity and imperfection are words I would love to speak through my works.

Do you love line drawings? Who are some of your favourite artists? Know any who does great line drawings in Nigeria? Share…


All images via Christiane Spangsberg’s Website and Instagram.

Written by Nik-Nak