Osaru Alile and Lape Cameron- Cole (nee Caxton-Onakoya) came together years ago to create Caxton Alile. I first heard about the brand through the greeting cards they do. But the duo is more than just their gorgeous cards, their portfolio includes interior design and what I’m about to go on about!

Caxton Alile makes these amazing light fixtures, I’m always super excited when I find a Nigerian brand doing excellent work. With degrees in Interior Design, International Business & Finance and Fashion Entrepreneurship, it is no surprise that these ladies know what they’re doing with this partnership.

shoot 7The Caxton Alile light fixtures range from wall sconces to lamps (that can be customized) and the shade materials cover a variety of options, including aso-oke! It’s definitely the first aso-oke lamp shade I’ve seen… Made in Nigeria too, because that is important to note. From Baba Dudu to Taiwo & Kehinde, the names of the lamps get creative too…

My absolute favourite are theTaiwo & Kehinde wall sconces with the aso-oke and fringe. Look at what Caxton Alile has to offer:

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Their website will be running proper pretty soon, but subscribe to their mailing list till then. And follow them on Instagram for updates.


Written by Nik-Nak