We mentioned Atta Lenell in our Nigerian alternative playlist that time. Well, we’re proper fans and believe this amazing producer deserves a post of his own.

Music can be so many things. But I like to think of it as a vehicle: a bee-line from my vision to the listener’s heart. My favourite musicians have always been the ones that stopped me in my tracks and made me listen. A bit like watching a good magician do a trick… you just can’t walk away.

Not a lot of producers are given the accolades they deserve, we think. There’s the place of the producer in music, it usually is that oomph that refines excellence.

I’m a musician first. So in the studio, I want to recreate that feeling. I try not to let the instruments or the gear dictate the music I make. For me, the song is king. It’s not a place to display technical mastery; that belittles the song. I always do what’s best for the song. It’s all about the song. Always.

Atta gets us. We’ll get right into it. Here are our favourite songs produced by Atta Lenell. Enjoy!

Lindsey’s Out The Magazine

Bemyoda’s Faded Grace

Nana Aisha’s Faraway

How to Make a Samurai Soundtrack (Original Score for Fight Scene) 

GrandSUN’s What Are We Fighting For WWF4

Laolu & the Afromysterics’ Love Before ft. Lindsey

There’s Rainy Days by Kenny Sawyer that we also really love but can’t find on SoundCloud. Check it out.

We hope you liked something! Visit the website, familiarize yourself.. this is greatness. We are looking forward to Atta’s personal project that’s in the works, if it’s like everything we’ve heard from him, you should be too!

‘P + Kov.


Written by Nik-Nak