Some of us are not born with the skill to create ‘gallery worthy’ art, but I still believe everyone is an artist in some way – a thing as mundane as putting on matching pair of socks is something. Now art on a canvas and up on the wall might be way out of your comfort zone, but with a little guided help, you can create your very own masterpiece. Yes, you! All art is valid as long as it is satisfying, serves its purpose and fits the space you want it to fill.

The  first step will be choosing the space you want to fill up with your art, what size or sizes will be appropriate and the colors you would like to work with. Here is a full guide on how to arrange and scale wall art and these are methods for hanging them if you need to go in-depth with the process.

The basic thing you need for this is a canvas (I used a picture frame instead). Depending on what DIY you choose, thumb tacks, colored cardboard , spray paint , scissors , tape and glue will come in handy.

Here are ways you can totally nail wall art (intentional pun) without any artistic skill. Of course, I get to some DIY of my own at the end.


You need simple office supply, paint and a canvas to do this. Step 1 will be to paint the canvas but this step can be skipped  if paint is out of reach , replaced  by covering with a piece of fabric or a wrapping paper.  The gold thumb tacks creates a nice accent.



You can also use it to create wall art with your favourite saying or quote. It will be helpful to trace out the letters with a pencil before pinning the tacks to your canvas. you can decide to spray or paint the surface of the canvas first.5-Art

(from here)



Spray paint+ Twine (from here)




On an already prepared canvas – sprayed with gold , wrap a twine vertically in a diagonal pattern. As it is with every DIY, you have the liberty to choose your colours. After covering the canvas generously with spray paint, leave to dry for couple of minutes and unravel the twine. You’d be left with an interesting pattern on your canvas.


This is a recreation using lace instead. This method can be used to create just about any pattern you like. Remember;  have a base colour,  cover the base colour with the pattern you want left behind, do an overlay with a second colour or more than one colour. Lastly, wait for the grand reveal. the possibilities are almost endless.

Spray paint + acrylic Paint (from here)


The spray paint is still a base colour, spray paint because of the metallic effect. You wouldn’t get that with paint. Leave to dry for few minutes before going over it with an acrylic or oil based paint.


Acrylic paint free style (from here)


This is a simple finger dip in paint, stain on canvas. Repeat.

More freestyle inspiration (from here)..






In case anyone was wondering, a decent acrylic or oil paint costs about N1700, and a brush will cost about the same thing. You can get this from any art or office shop . I am unsure how much a canvas goes for but I know you can also get this from most art shops. If you live in Lagos, Art World is a good one stop shop for supplies (this isn’t a plug).

If you are a bit clueless about colors, have no fear! Some  good folks have prepared 100 color combinations that work and how it can applied here. Knock yourself out!


FABRIC COVER  (or wrapping paper) (from here)


You don’t necessarily have to use a canvas for this. A good sized plywood or thick carton will do. Improvising with what you can reach easily or what you already have will save you time and money. Honestly, I think this requires a little time and patience. If you’d like to try your hand at this, you will also need some strong glue ( UHU glue is strong enough). Cover the base generously with glue and wrap the material tightly around it. Avoid having excess material at the back of your piece so they can stay flat on the wall.




CUT OUT- STICK ON (from here)




This is a simple cut and paste method. if you are unsure about sketching, they’re thousands of stencils already created online. If I wanted birds instead of cups, I’d Google ”bird stencil”, print the ones I like. Next, I’d cut out the pattern, trace then on to the coloured sheet I would be using, cut them out and paste them on a background. Its best to finish this off by framing it.

Here are variations of the cut and paste method;



These dots (from here) inspired our DIY for this post. We recreated it with Stick on labels, white cardboard and a picture frame. A pencil and a ruler came in handy too.



Stick-on Labels were from Office Everything- Less than N1000, CardBoard- N100 , Picture Frame N800 (Shoprite)

Estimated Total cost: N1900

Estimated time: 20 mins




Dismember your picture frame, if you are using a canvas just get straight to it. It will be helpful to get a picture frame with back hooks to give the option of hanging your masterpiece.


Using the back of the frame as a guide, trace out the area with a pencil and cut off the shape from your cardboard.



Start sticking! Took about 10 minutes to get through with this and by the time I was done, I wanted to stick dots everywhere and on everything. Mark your points using a ruler and pencil, to avoid wobbly lines.


I went ahead to experiment more with it. See! the dots got me.




Did one with the first letter of my name (PS erase the trace mark *facepalm*)

Untitled design (2)

Well.. HELLO! The most popular word in the dictionary  right now.



I even tried to be abstract.

You can improvise with whatever you  have to create any of these, let us know if you get to it. PS: how much is a canvas the size of this frame? Where can I pick one up quickly in Lagos?

Go create.



Written by Nik-Nak