Nigeria is a country obsessed with weddings. Obsessed. Our weddings are known to be big, bold, crowded, and hella extravagantly expensive.

But the weddings that appeal to me are small shindigs at beaches, farms or gardens. It happens that the most beautiful wedding photos I have come across seem to have happened in South Africa. Considering their gorgeous scenery, I guess this isn’t surprising. The pictures though – they all give the vibe of captured private moments and genuine warmth which is what a wedding should represent to me. In a friend’s words, they look like “stolen glimpses of the day, someone peeking in at the door way”.

I feel the urge to add a disclaimer here: I have seen some gorgeous Nigerian weddings both big and small (here’s Osemhen and Kingsley’s) but I’m focusing on those in South Africa today.

Here are some that have me daydreaming of a nice party with my best friends, if I do marry:

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Babylonstoren-Wedding_welovepictures_058 Babylonstoren-Wedding_welovepictures_094 Babylonstoren-Wedding_welovepictures_095 Babylonstoren-Wedding_welovepictures_124 Babylonstoren-Wedding_welovepictures_129

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And that’s it for today! If you’re thinking of doing a simple but beautiful outdoor/farm/vineyard wedding but can’t make it to Olive Grove or Babylonstoren or Olive Rock, maybe you can just pore through Love Made Visible or We Love Pictures just to look, or to be inspired – they take the most beautiful photographs. Good luck!



Written by Nik-Nak