I started following Seun Opabisi on Twitter a while back, and before I discovered that he made films himself, I could tell he knew his stuff about the subject. He has shared a few excellent films with me and I have come to trust his judgment. And so, I’ve asked Seun to share a few of his favourite short films by Nigerian directors that are free to access. Here’s Seun:

These are 8 of my favourite short films by Nigerian directors.

  1. Big Man (Directed by Julius Onah)

It’s about kids, the choices they make and how they deal with having made those choices.

  1. To Bleed (Directed by Michael Omonua)

My favourite types of films poke at a subject and leave you with the perfect level of satisfaction. Michael Omonua is slowly building a reputation for being deft at making these.

  1. The Life of A Nigerian Couple (Directed by Adeola Osunkojo) 

 This is a pretty funny short about the daily goings in a Nigerian home. The commentary is such a great touch!

  1. Yahoo Boy (Directed by Michael Omonua)

I mostly introduce myself to strangers as a ‘Yahoo Boy’, so this Short Film hits home (haha!).

  1. Beyond Plain Sight (Directed by Joseph A. Adesunloye)

Early last year, I saw this at a screening and I was blown away. Can someone please hand Joseph tax payer’s dollars?!  He needs to make a feature film ASAP!

[Warning: NSFW]

  1. 10:10 – (Directed by Gbenga Salu)

Since its first appearance as an online series, I’ve loved this.

  1. Party Of Ministers (Directed by Abba Makama)

Nigeria is Satire.

  1. The Encounter  (Directed by Tolu Ajayi)

The Nigeria-Biafra civil war came with a lot of pivotal moments and truly human stories. This film paints a picture of one of those moments in the most non-sappy way possible.

– Seun.

I mentioned above that Seun makes movies also.. Check out the trailer for his short film that won a competition recently.. Immediately it is available for viewing online, I’ll share.

We hope you liked a few movies listed! If there’s any short films or Nigerian directors you think we should know, please share!


Written by Nik-Nak