Confession: I really, really, really like my room. It’s my favourite space in the world and I’m forever on the lookout for quirky accessories/designs to make it uniquely mine. There’s some floor space that could use an area rug but I quite frankly haven’t found anything I’m in love with + we are in a recession and mans cannot afford to fork over tens of thousands of naira for a rug I’m not completely in love with. 

So I took to the internet (Pinterest – the lifesaver) for cheap and easy alternatives to an area rug and these are my favourite options.

1. Rafia or Jute Mats

I genuinely love the idea of using a mat in place of an area rug. Definitely want to try this! As soon as I can make the time to go mat hunting. At the cane market, maybe. Doesn’t even have to be a round mat. It’ll probably need to be glued in place. Also, pretty low maintenance. 


2. Crochet Rugs

If you can crochet (hello, can we be friends?), then you’re in luck. If you can’t, perhaps you have a friend or your grandma or your retired aunt who can? Okay, maybe just pay someone to do this. There are a plethora of crochet rug designs and patterns online. You can really personalise this one however you want – colour, style, size, you name it. There are endless possibilities. Extra cosy too.

3. Floor Wall Decals

No, I’m not talking about the 3D floor stickers (which are not only pricey but also a bit extra for my taste). I mean using some of your favourite wall decals on the floor instead. I think the success of this will depend on what floor treatment you have, but I’m sure it’ll work on most. I didn’t come across a lot of images of this online (perhaps, I’m about to introduce a new trend – wah! – or this plan isn’t as genius as I think it is. Disclaimer: I haven’t tried it yet, so you know… What’s the worst that could happen, though? Go on, live a little).

You’ll find a large collection of wall decals online. Here’s a tip: If you have concrete floors, you could paint over the section you want your floor sticker to rest on. Have fun with it.

4. Floor Painting

If you’re lucky enough to have concrete or wooden floors (or anything that will hold paint), this should be a fun project.

5. Floor Cloth

The floor cloth is making a comeback so there not as cheap as they were a few years ago, still, it’s a lot cheaper than the average rug will cost you. And if you’re feeling super creative, you can DIY the heck out of it. You’ll find quite a number of tutorials online like this one, or this, or this,  and you can personalise it however you wish to.

Perhaps, a fancy table cloth could do the trick. You know? Maybe. 


Bonus: Because you should at least try to make a rug out of old t-shirts.

I do this for you, guys. As always, you’re welcome 🙂

Written by Nik-Nak